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Title: Air Krete insulation Benefits
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Meta Description:  Using Air Krete insulation for the “Thermal Envelope” of the home will provide a range of benefits not available from any other insulation.

Air Krete insulation is safe for your family and wallet!
Using Air Krete insulation for the “Thermal Envelope” of the home will provide a range of benefits not available from any other insulation.  While it is used for: thermal, fire and sound insulation it also has side benefits of being mold proof, pest resistant, and environmentally friendly.
Air Krete is the best value as a thermal insulation.
While you have the best idea of what it costs to air condition and heat your home the Energy Information Administration put the average cost of home cooling and heating for 2011 at $2,400. Air Envelope - Insulation ProsRecent advances in energy conservation have found that sealing as well as insulating a home or building to form an “envelope” or “shell” made up of: ceilings, floors, outer walls, doors and windows is usually the most cost effective way  to improve the energy usage and comfort.  Energy Star has estimated that up to a 20% savings on utilities is possible if a proper job is done of sealing and insulating.  Air Krete is the most cost effective at sealing and insulating returning the highest Return on Investment (ROI) of the insulations currently available to form that “shell”.  Air Krete has a high R-value of 3.9
Historically homes had no insulation until the 20th century when paper and fiberglass became some of the first insulations and is often still found in homes today.  Paper (cellulous) and fiberglass slowed the movement of air; however, they didn’t form a seal to manage the movement of air through the walls.  While paper and fiberglass are the least expensive insulation they are also the least effective costing the owner in utility expenses.  Paper and fiberglass is better than no insulation but little more.  Today fiberglass is used in air filters because of its ability to trap dirt.
  Air Infiltration - Insulation Pros
  Stack Effect Image - Insulation ProsThe “stack effect” (smoke stack and chimneys) draws air through even the smallest hole such as electrical outlets and many much larger. That is why basements are cooler and upstairs are warmer.  Attics are even warmer and part of that is due to the “Stacking effect” but the additional heat, often well over 100 degrees) is due to radiated heat through the roof.  Managing the movement of air in a home is critical to saving money through an energy efficient home.  Air Krete offers the best solution to sealing and insulating buildings saving more in utility payment than it would increase the mortgage payment.  The payback is complete in five years. 
The National Audubon Headquarters, Schermerhorn Building, in New York City was insulated with Air Krete.  The buildings architect called Air Krete a ”massive thermal shell upgrade”.  Retrofitting that 1890’s building with Air Krete insulation saves over $100,000 per year in energy costs [source: Croxton Collaborative Architects].   But that is only the beginning for Air Krete.  In 1991 when the 3.15 acre Biosphere opened at a cost of $200 million, in Arizona, they insulated the visitor’s center with Air Krete.  The importance of these two examples is that highly knowledgeable specialists chose Air Krete in two very different areas.  Whether you’re insulating for heat or cold primarily having a new build or retrofit Air Krete is has the best RIO for your project.  Air Krete insulated former vice president Al Gore’s home and cut 11 percent off the previous year's summer energy bill in a time when most area houses went 20 to 30 percent over the previous year's bill due to a heat wave.
Air Krete insulation is Fireproof
Air Krete is made from magnesium oxide insulation (mgo) producing a cementitious (cement based) foam insulation used for thermal, fire and sound insulationSome describe Air Krete as having a shaving-cream consistency that is hard and pumice-like when cured.  Air Krete is truly fireproof in the most conservative use of the term.  Air Krete has passed the 2 hour firewall test modified ASTM E814/ UL 1479.  It does not burn or smoke adding the security of your family in the event of fire.  This is a link to a video of Air Krete insulation a man’s hand while he melts a penny on the Air Krete.  Notice it doesn’t burn or smoke.   One of Air Kretes’ benefits in fireproofing is sealing air and fire movement because is seals so completely it helps stop the movement of fire through the Air Krete.   By sealing the annular space surrounding your pipes, cables and ducts, the rate and speed of flames, deadly gasses and toxic smoke are minimized. At the same time, it helps you conserve energy, reduce drafts and save on heating and cooling costs.

Air Krete insulation is Soundproof
As a cementitious insulation Air Krete makes and excellent assist to soundproofing because of its sound deadening properties.  This is because sound waves depend on vibrations transmitted from air making anything in its path vibrate, which then transmits the vibration to sound waves on the other side and finally to our ears. And once it's dried, Air Krete is simply too rigid to vibrate.  Neil Young’s, the rock star, music is loud by any definition so his recording studio was soundproofed with Air Krete.  As well the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood uses Air Krete.  The Saratoga Night Club in Saratoga NY was surrounded by many businesses and residential units.  To keep their neighbors happy their builder used Air Krete.
Air Krete insulation has numerous additional benefits
Additionally, Air Krete is non-toxic and has no hazardous materials.  It is environmentally safe.  It can be eaten, though it’s gritty and salty. Other insulations have health side-effects.  The worst that can be said about Air Krete is that workers have a problem with the skin on their hands drying out so they need to wear gloves which is actually a benefit because it acts as an irritant to pests such as rodents and insects which would otherwise use the walls for a home. Air Krete has a drying and de-oiling effect and deters any rodents or insects. Tests have proven Air Krete is mold proof.  Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS) preformed a microbial resistance evaluation of Air Krete's indoor material identified as "Air Krete Insulation Sample". AQS conducted this study using a microbial test protocol following the requirements of ASTM Guideline D 6329-98 (1). This ASTM method is established to study indoor materials for their ability to support mold growth. Testing of the indoor material was conducted using static environmental chambers operating at 75% humidity (considered a *high normal" for indoor commercial spaces) and 95% humidity (considered an extreme moisture condition within buildings). Air Krete's indoor material was inoculated with two representative indoor molds, Stachvbotrvs chartarum and Eurotium amstelodami, and growth rates were measured over a three-week period as the materials were exposed in the two humidity environments. Mold growth is considered significant if it exceeds 20% of the initial baseline levels. Test methodology and results are given in the attached summary reports.  Results show that the "Air Krete Insulation Sample" was resistant to mold growth at both 75% and 95% relative humilities. Neither molds were found to amplify in the materials at either humidity.  And to top everything off Air Krete is fully recyclable.

Finally, there is a foam-in-place, cementitious insulation, Air Krete, that is made from magnesium oxide (derived from seawater) and ceramic talc mined in upstate New York. Air Krete is totally fireproof, mold-resistant, and does not offgas any volatile chemicals, so it is popular among people suffering from chemical sensitivity. Unfortunately, there are few trained installers, so it may be expensive to use this alternative. (The closest installer to Brattleboro is Eco-Safe Insulation in Northfield, VT, near Montpelier; 802-485-9119.) Other than availability, the biggest problem with Air Krete is that the cured foam is fairly fragile; if exposed to frequent vibration, such as along a busy highway, the foam can begin to disintegrate, reducing its performance. The manufacturer is working to solve this problem.

Lower heating & cooling costs:  Air Krete’s high R-value of 3.9 per inch delivers significant heating and cooling cost savings and does not lose its R-value over time. 
Comfort:  Air Krete acts as an air barrier to eliminate drafts, so buildings will always stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 
Fireproof:  Air Krete is the only insulation that is 100% fireproof, making it an ideal insulation for high density housing and high-value buildings (libraries, archives, art galleries, museums).
Excellent soundproofing:  used for the interior walls, Air Krete provides excellent sound-proofing and acoustic privacy.  Professional musicians have used Air Krete for their studios.
Mold, bug and rodent resistant:  Air Krete resists mold and mildew and has also been proven to resist insects and rodents.
Non-toxic: Air Krete is free of CFC’s formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals so there is no off gassing during or after insulation.
Non-shrinking, non-settling: Once wall cavities are filled, Air Krete cures in approximately 72 hours.  After Air Krete has dried, it is completely inert so it won’t expand or shrink or settle.
Non-allergenic:  Air Krete has been used in a number of properties where residents have extreme allergies and chemical sensitivities.
Non-hazardous waste:  Leftover Air Krete can be disposed safely down household drains or city sewers.  Used and old Air Krete can be recycled.